SDNŚiT - Seminarium

Nitrogen pollution: Technology to drive environmental policy is possible

Professor Wilfried Winiwarter
Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering  
University of Zielona Góra
Friday 29.01.2021, hour 16:00 (on-line, G-Suite; Google Meet)


Biographical note:

Wilfried Winiwarter graduated as a chemical engineer from Vienna University of Technology, Austria. His PhD and post-doctoral qualification (Habilitation) in Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry, respectively, were awarded by the same university. While much of his career he worked in research institutions (Austrian Institute of Technology, AIT, and International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis, IIASA) he also served as a professor for Systems Sciences at the University of Graz, before he joined the University of Zielona Góra in 2017. In both instances he maintained an affiliation with IIASA, where he still is a Senior Research Scholar.

Prof. Winiwarter specializes in global biogeochemical cycles, with a specific focus on nitrogen and the release of trace gases to the atmosphere. He was director of the European Center of the International Nitrogen Initiative and coordinated INI’s collaboration with the Global Carbon Project, he is co-chair of the Expert Panel on Nitrogen Budgets operating under the UN-ECE, and member of the project management board of the globally-oriented INMS project.  Recently he was awarded the International Fellowship PIFI by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. For the University of Zielona Góra, he leads the MELS and the MilKey projects, funded under an ERANET joint call.